Outdoor Advertising Management and Control


Outdoor advertising within South Africa has been an exploding industry for the past few years and it is still growing at a rapid rate. Although it fulfils an important role in our present day life and in the economy of South Africa, without proper legislation, management and control, outdoor advertising can have a detrimental impact on their own industry, on the environment and on other factors such as road safety.  If not controlled properly, outdoor advertising can cause severe clutter in specific areas and along major roads.

As leaders in the field of Outdoor Advertising Management and Control, Emerald Sky can provide our clients, especially government and municipal authorities, with specialised experience in various services to formalize, control, legalize and manage outdoor advertising in their areas of jurisdiction.

We compile Master Plans and Advertising Models with creative designs for signage structures. Surveys, legal and financial audits are also part of our specialized experiences.

With our experience and knowledge, Emerald Sky also assist private clients and companies in the requirements and processes, to apply and understand the criteria to determine ‘approvable’ outdoor advertising locations, and is also involved in investigations, research and reporting on the traffic and safety impact of advertising signs and ‘Traffic Impact Studies’ for outdoor advertising.


EMERALD SKY as a company boasts with more than 14 years specific experience. Various projects were executed on behalf of different government institutions and authorities, as well as for private clients.

Our clients ranges from National to Provincial, Metropolitan-, District- and Local Municipal Government Level.

Some of our key clients for whom we have successfully completed large scale projects in the field of Outdoor Advertising Management and Control, include:

  • The South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL)
  • Gauteng Province Department of Roads and Transport
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
  • City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
  • Nkangala District Municipality
  • Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
  • Joburg Property Company (JPC)
  • City of Windhoek
  • Mbombela Local Municipality
  • Greater Tubatse Local Municipality
  • Madibeng Local Municipality
  • Uthukela District Municipality
  • Private Clients.

These projects addressed, inter alia, the following areas:

  • Formulation and compilation of Policies, By-Laws and Regulations on Outdoor Advertising Management and Control.
  • Implementation of relevant legislation on outdoor advertising.
  • Evaluation of advertising applications on behalf of national, provincial and municipal authorities, according to their specific legislative requirements (Acts, Regulations and By-Laws).
  • Formulation and compilation of outdoor advertising control criteria and standards.
  • Debate and workshop these criteria and standards with officials from the relevant authorities as well as with the industry.
  • Surveying and auditing (legal and financial audits) of existing outdoor advertisements, survey and determine the areas of control and survey of road signs.
  • Develop and compile Outdoor Advertising Models, Master Plans, Management Plans, Implementation Plans, Tariff Structures, Lease Agreements, Contracts, Brochures for the public, Role Clarification document, Internal Procedural Guideline document and much more.
  • Assisting municipalities with the compilation and evaluation of tender documents for outdoor advertising opportunities (eg. on street furniture and on Municipal land).
  • Control and management of the total advertising function and portfolio.
  • Identify locations and compile advertising applications on council property on behalf of municipalities.
  • Involvement in the development of GIS systems, databases and management systems for existing advertisements along public roads or on council property.
  • Evaluation of the impact of outdoor advertisements from a traffic and road safety point of view.
  • Inventory and compilation of standards and policies for the FIFA 2010 requirements from Host Cities.

For our private clients, the projects included, inter alia, the following tasks:

  • Assistance to understand the requirements, processes and criteria for outdoor advertising locations
  • Investigation, research, reporting on the traffic and safety impact of advertising signs.