Other Services


Consulting Project Management, Mathematical Calculations, Project Costing

With more than 10 years experience in the successful execution of almost 80 projects, Emerald Sky is experienced and capable to outsource our project management skills.  All our projects were executed and completed within the provided time and budget.  Several of these projects were large-scale and long term projects.

Our project planning skills, project management skills, costing calculations- and spreadsheet compilation skills are highly specialized with years of experience behind it. In our objective to conform to our company values we always endeavour in producing the highest quality of work, walking that ‘extra mile’ for our valued clients and still keep the project within time and budget.

AutoCad Drawings

Several of our larger scale projects involved extremely high volumes and neatly structured AutoCAD plans and drawings.  Our AutoCAD experience has grown in such a way that Emerald Sky can outsource our AutoCAD capacity as a separate service to private and public clients.

Compilation of Tender Documentation

Most of the projects which were executed by Emerald Sky, were awarded to us through a fair and open official government tender system.  We have completed different levels of governmental tender documentation, from National to Municipal level, and have the competence to prepare and scrutinize in detail, such a document before submission.

Detailed, systematic and perfectly organized skills are required to successfully complete a tender document submission.  We were the successful tenderer in more than 80% of our submitted tenders.